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Pterocarpus Marsupium Regenerates Pancreas Cells

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A flavonoid fraction (XE) extracted from the bark of pterocarpus marsupium Roxb. (Leguminoceae) was studied for the hypoglycaemic activity normal and alloxanised albino rats. The drug XE did not show a consistent effect on normal blood sugar levels but it effectively reversed the alloxan-induced changes in the blood sugar level and the beta-cell population in the pancreas. It also showed a protective effect when it was given prior to alloxan administration. The novel action of drug on the pancreatic beta-cells and absence of acute toxicity may offer a new hope to the diabetics in future.

Study Information

BK Chakravarthy, Gupta Saroj, SS Gambhir, KD Gode.
Pancreatic beta cell regeneration – a novel antidiabetic mechanism of Pterocarpus marsupium roxb
India Journal of Pharmacology
1980 December

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