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Prevalence of Insomnia and Sleep Patterns among Liver Cirrhosis Patients

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Background: Few studies are available regarding the prevalence of sleep disturbance in cirrhotic patients without overt hepatic encephalopathy. This study aimed to assess the prevalence of insomnia in stable liver cirrhosis patients who are attending the outpatient clinics at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh (KAMC-KFNGH). Methods: A cross-sectional study enrolled 200 stable patients with confirmed liver cirrhosis. We used the ICSD-2 definition to assess the prevalence of insomnia. We also collected information about sleep patterns, demographic data, the underlying cause of liver cirrhosis and the severity of liver cirrhosis using Child-Pugh scores (CTP). Results: The mean age was 58.9 (SD ± 12.2) years. Hepatitis C was the most common (60.2%) cause of liver cirrhosis among respondents. The prevalence of insomnia was 42% (84/200). Univarite analysis shows association between coffee intake and the presence of insomnia (56.9% vs. 35.9%, p-value = 0.006). The prevalence of insomnia was higher in hepatitis C (51.7%) compared to hepatitis B (36.8%) and other hepatitis (15%), p-value = 0.001. There was a significant relationship between severity of liver cirrhosis (CTP-A, CTP-C, CTP-B) and prevalence of insomnia: 55%, 36.1% and 32.1% respectively, p-value = 0.009. Insomniac patients were significantly older than non-insomniac (61.6 ± 12.0 vs. 57.0 ± 12.0 years, p = 0.008). Results from the multivariate stepwise analysis showed coffee intake (OR=2.7), hepatitis C (OR = 7.2), CTP-A (OR = 1.9), excessive daytime sleepiness (OR = 5.3) and short sleep duration (OR = 5.7) were the most strongly associated with the presence of insomnia. Conclusion: Our study showed a high prevalence of insomnia in patients with liver cirrhosis.
Keywords: Liver cirrhosis, insomnia, sleep disturbances, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, Child-Pugh scores

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AL-Jahdali, H. et al.
Prevalence of Insomnia and Sleep Patterns among Liver Cirrhosis Patients
Journal of Circadian Rhythms.
2014 January

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