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Postprandial hypotension in the elderly: Findings in a Mexican population.

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Postprandial hypotension is a known cause of syncope in the elderly. Its prevalence is unknown in our country.
A prospective cross-sectional study was performed to determine PPH's Prevalence in elderly adults of both an urban and a rural Community in the State of Queretaro. Blood pressure measurements included a basal pre-prandial record, minute 0 recording at the moment they finished the meal and every 10 min until a 90 min record was complete. We included a medical history, a mental state test for cognitive evaluation (Minimental) and Minnesota Quality of life score and a food macronutrient composition analysis.
We included 256 subjects, 78.1 ± 8.8 years old, 195 (76.2%) female. Two-hundred and five subjects (80.1%) had Postprandial hypotension after one or both analyzed meals, with non-significant differences in the studied items. Sixty-six (26.2%) patients had "significant postprandial hypotension". Patients living in a special care facility had more postprandial hypotension than people at the family home (87-3% vs 69.8% respectively, p<0.0001).
Post-prandial hypotension is a common finding in this elderly population. We did not find distinctive conditions or markers that allow identification of subjects at risk for postprandial hypotension and its complications. This should prompt for routine screenings in specialized facilities to prevent complications.
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Geriatrics; Geriatría; Hipotensión postprandial; Mexico; México; Post-prandial hypotension; Syncope; Síncope

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Postprandial hypotension in the elderly: Findings in a Mexican population.
Arch Cardiol Mex.
2015 October

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