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Pantethine Makes Platelets Less Sticky

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In a single-blind, crossover, completely randomized study, the effects of oral treatment with pantethine or placebo on fatty acid composition of plasma and platelet phospholipids were investigated in 10 IIa hyperlipoproteinemic patients. A significant decrease of total cholesterol and total phospholipids was observed both in plasma and in platelets after a twenty-eight-day treatment. In plasma, pantethine induced a decrease of the ratio sphingomyelin/phosphatidylcholine. Moreover, a relative increase of n3-polyunsaturated fatty acids both in plasma and in platelet phospholipids and a decrease of arachidonic acid in plasma phospholipids were observed. These results indicate that pantethine can affect plasma and platelet lipid composition with possibly favorable influences on the determinants of cell membrane fluidity.

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Prisco D, Rogasi PG, Matucci M, Paniccia R, Abbate R, Gensini GF, Neri Serneri GG.
Effect of oral treatment with pantethine on platelet and plasma phospholipids in IIa hyperlipoproteinemia.
1987 March

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