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Oh the irony: Iron as a cancer cause or cure?

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Iron-oxide nanoparticles facilitate cancer diagnosis through enhanced contrast, selectively enhance tumor cell death with magnetic hyperthermia, and improve drug delivery with magnetic drug targeting. One application that remains largely unexplored is using the iron-oxide nanoparticles themselves to selectively inhibit tumor growth. In this leading opinion paper, we propose that high doses of iron-oxide nanoparticles can be used as a treatment for cancer by generating an oxidative assault against cancer. This proposal may be met with resistance considering the controversy surrounding iron in the field of cancer. Iron generates reactive oxygen species through the Fenton reaction, which may both cause - or cure cancer. Additionally, high demand for iron by cancer cells leads to contradictory therapeutic approaches: iron deprivation or overdose are both potential cancer therapies.
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Oh the irony: Iron as a cancer cause or cure?
2011 October

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