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Nonspecific immunomodulation in obstetrics and gynecology with Ecomer preliminary report

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The article gives a brief description of "Ecomer", preparation containing shark liver oil. Main immunoactive ingredient of the shark liver oil are the alkylglycerols. The main characteristics of alkylglycerols are noted together with their mechanism of action. There is also a list of indications for Ecomer administration. There is a summary of the authors' experience with Ecomer, its efficacy in ObGyn being the main aim of this study.
For the purpose of the study Ecomer is given to two main groups of patients: I-pregnant women between 27 and 36 weeks of gestation having two subgroups: 1--with 8 women with naso-pharyngeal complaints and 2--with 13 patients with urinary tract complaints, suggestive of cysto-pyelitic disorders and II main group of patients operated for cervical cancer in different stages with two subgroups--1 with 17 patients with Ecomer intake started at the beginning of the radiation therapy, and 2 with 6 patients who began taking Ecomer before the beginning of the radiation therapy, after having a histologically proved diagnose. The I group took two capsules of Ecomer three times a day for 15 days or less if asymptomatic earlier; in the II group Ecomer was taken two capsules three times a day for 2 months, then one capsule three times a day for a month, followed by a repetition of the scheme.
In the pregnant women group, improvement was noticed in 75% in the first subgroup and in 76% in the second subgroup. In the second main group the interpretation of results is hindered by the insufficient time interval. Nevertheless, fewer side effects of the radiation therapy was noticed in both groups. Improvement in the survival rate is yet to be followed up.
Administration of Ecomer in pregnant women with naso-pharyngeal problems led to improvement in their general condition and less frequent need to prescribe antibiotics. In pregnant women with urinary tract problems, Ecomer resulted in easing the pain faster and lowered the recurrence risk. In women with cervical cancer, the treatment is quite aggressive and the opportunity to diminish the side effects by administration of a natural and harmless preparation should not be omitted.

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Nonspecific immunomodulation in obstetrics and gynecology with Ecomer preliminary report
Akush Ginekol (Sofiia).
2013 January

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