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Monolaurin Kills Candida and Gram Positive Bacteria

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Over 40 natural or synthetic lipophilic compounds were screened for antimicrobial activity. Gram (+) bacteria and yeasts but not Gram (-) bacteria were affected by these agents. Epimino and selena fatty acids are more active than their corresponding straight chain unsubstituted fatty acids. The position of selenium influenced the antimicrobial activity of the fatty acids. The presence and position of a double or triple bond, usually an important factor in long chain fatty acids (greater than C14) had little or no effect in C11 fatty acids. Optimum antimicrobial activity was found for fatty acids and their corresponding monoglycerides when the chain lenght was C12. The dilaurin derivative was not active.

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Kabara JJ, Vrable R.
Antimicrobial lipids: natural and synthetic fatty acids and monoglycerides.
1977 September

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