Study Title:

Low-dose oral contraceptive-induced acute myocardial infarction

Study Abstract

Objectives: Since their introduction, oral contraceptives (OCs) have been associated with risk to both the venous and the arterial systems. Studies have shown that OC use is associated with a risk of venous thromboembolism, ischaemic stroke and acute myocardial infarction (MI). MI is rarely seen in patients using OCs, particularly in the absence of clinical risk factors or smoking.

Case: We report a case of acute inferior MI in a 20-year-old non-smoker who had used a low-dose OC (3 mg drospirenone and 30 μg ethinyl estradiol) for 1 month. As far as we know, this is the youngest case of acute MI associated with a low-dose OC.

Conclusion: Low-dose OCs may also be responsible for acute MI even in a very young female without any cardiovascular risk factors. Therefore, the clinicians should be aware of this mortal events during follow-up of the patient using OCs.

Study Information

Eur J Contracept Reprod Health Care. 2016 Dec;21(6):499-501. doi: 10.1080/13625187.2016.1225715. Epub 2016 Sep 9. PMID: 27608962.

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