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Lipoic Acid Prevents Sugar Damage

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The present study investigates the antiglycating effect of alpha-lipoic acid (LA) in high fructose-fed rats in vivo and its potential to inhibit the process of glycation in vitro. In addition, the effect of LA on glucose utilisation in rat diaphragm was also studied. Rats fed a high fructose diet (60% total calories) were administered with 35 mg/kg b.w, lipoic acid (LA) intraperitoneally for 20 days. The effects of LA on plasma glucose, fructosamine, protein glycation and glycated haemoglobin in high fructose rats and on in vitro glycation were studied. In vitro utilization of glucose was carried out in normal rat diaphragm in the presence and absence of insulin in which LA was used as an additive. The contents of glucose, glycated protein, glycated haemoglobin and fructosamine were significantly lowered on LA administration to high fructose-fed rats. LA prevented in vitro glycation and the accumulation of advanced glycation end products. Further LA enhanced glucose utilization in the rat diaphragm. This effect was additive to that of insulin and did not interfere with the action of insulin. The findings provide evidence for the therapeutic utility of lipoic acid in diabetes and its complications.

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Thirunavukkarasu V, Anitha Nandhini AT, Anuradha CV.
Lipoic acid improves glucose utilisation and prevents protein glycation and AGE formation.
2005 October
Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, Tamil Nadu, India.

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