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Health Canada recognises VERISOL as safe and effective

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Health Canada now confirms the clinical efficacy of a specific low dosage (2.5g/day) of VERISOL on the improvement of skin physiology.

After a thorough and scrutinous view by the pretigious Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Product Directorate (NNHPD), officials have confirmed VERISOL to be a safe, effective and high quality ingredient. As such, NNHPD has awarded these bioactive collagen peptides with an NPN, allowing manufacturers of licensed natural health products to now include VERISOL as an ingredient with claims toward skin health.

According to Pierre Godard, GELITA’s Director of Sales/Market Development in Canada: 'VERISOL is a unique and truly differentiated collagen peptide offering exceptional benefits to skin health. Clinical research has proven these benefits in multiple published studies in high level medical journals – and now Health Canada has confirmed the value of VERISOL, too.'

VERISOL’s NPNs (80061371 and 80061372, for porcine- and bovine-derived, respectively) allow the following claims:

Helps increase skin elasticity
Helps augment skin elasticity
Helps promote healthy collagen production
Helps promote healthy elastin production
Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines
Helps reduce eye wrinkles
Helps reduce eye wrinkles within 4 weeks
Helps reduce fine facial lines
Helps increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles
Helps increase skin density
Helps with the appearance of smooth skin
Helps to enhance skin surface profile.

Alicja Wojewnik, Owner/Founder of Dicentra, who led GELITA’s initiative for Health Canada approval, said: 'The VERISOL claims approved by Health Canada now offer health and nutrition marketers with new possibilities to promote products geared toward consumers wanting to protect skin health. This speaks to the power and credibility of GELITA’s robust scientific body of evidence.'

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Published in Nutraceutical Business Review

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