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Gymnema Sylvestre Helps Blood Sugar Issues

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Across the globe, there are an estimated 150 million people suffering from diabetes mellitus. Each of these people is at increased risk of developing a number of complications, each of which are associated with a reduction in quality of life and an increase in individual morbidity and mortality. However, despite these psychosocial implications, as well as the financial burden associated with the management of the disease, existing treatment options are costly, and have limited, palliative effects. One treatment that is emerging as a potential panacea for the management of diabetes is Gymnema sylvestre. Yet, what evidence is there to support the use of this extract? In order to answer this question, a systematic review of the literature and a discussion of the best available evidence on gymnema are needed. The findings of such a review are presented in this paper.

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Leach MJ.
Gymnema sylvestre for diabetes mellitus: a systematic review.
J Altern Complement Med.
2007 November
School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia, North Terrace Adelaide, South Australia.

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