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Guar Gum Lowers Cholesterol by 10% to 15%

Study Abstract

Open studies in hypercholesterolaemia with guar gum, a dietary fibre obtained from Cyamopsis tetragonolobus, have shown 10% to 15% reductions in serum concentration of total cholesterol and 10% to 20% in serum concentration of low density lipoprotein cholesterol after short term treatment. The results fronm long term studies have been conflicting. To assess long term efficacy of guar gum we treated 40 patients with moderate hypercholesterolaemia for 24 months.

Our results confirm previous findings on the effects of guar gum on lipid metabolism during long term treatment. Response to guar seems not to depend on
the initial total serum cholesterol concentration; the reduction in serum total cholesterol concentration was 17% and, in low density lipoprotein cholesterol was
26%. We observed no attenuation of the lipid lowering effect such as described elsewhere. Previous doses of guar gum have varied from 15 g to 30 g. Here 15 g a day proved effective.

Study Information

J. P. Salenius, E. Harju, H. Jokela, H. Riekkinen, and M. Silvasti.
Long term effects of guar gum on lipid metabolism after carotid endarterectomy.
1994 August
Department of Surgery, University Hospital, Tampere, Finland.

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