Study Title:

Guar Gum, Cholesterol, and Triglycerides

Study Abstract

This study assessed the effect of partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) in yogurt on the elevation of postprandial serum lipid levels. Eleven healthy adult male subjects were given yogurt with or without 6 g of PHGG in a fat tolerance test as a crossover study. Supplementation with 6 g of PHGG significantly suppressed the incremental peaks and areas under the incremental curve (AUIC) of postprandial serum remnant-like lipoprotein particle cholesterol (RLP-C) and triglyceride (TG). The results suggest the potential of PHGG to reduce the risk of hyperlipemia.

Study Information

Kondo S, Xiao JZ, Takahashi N, Miyaji K, Iwatsuki K, Kokubo S.
Suppressive effects of dietary fiber in yogurt on the postprandial serum lipid levels in healthy adult male volunteers.
Biosci Biotechnol Biochem.
2004 May
Food Research and Development Laboratory, Morinaga Milk Industry Co, Ltd, Zama, Japan.

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