Study Title:

Glyphosate Use, Toxicity and Occurrence in Food. Foods.

Study Abstract

Glyphosate is a systemic, broad-spectrum and post-emergent herbicide. The use of glyphosate has grown in the last decades, and it is currently the most used herbicide worldwide. The rise of glyphosate consumption over the years also brought an increased concern about its possible toxicity and consequences for human health. However, a scientific community consensus does not exist at the present time, and glyphosate's safety and health consequences are controversial. Since glyphosate is mainly applied in fields and can persist several months in the soil, concerns have been raised about the impact that its presence in food can cause in humans. Therefore, this work aims to review the glyphosate use, toxicity and occurrence in diverse food samples, which, in certain cases, occurs at violative levels. The incidence of glyphosate at levels above those legally allowed and the suspected toxic effects of this compound raise awareness regarding public health.

Study Information

Foods. 2021 Nov 12;10(11):2785. doi: 10.3390/foods10112785. PMID: 34829065; PMCID: PMC8622992.

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