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Dietary Supplementation with Astaxanthin-Rich Algal Meal Improves Strength Endurance

Study Abstract

The present study was designed to investigate the effect of dietary supplementation with astaxanthin on physical performance. Forty healthy paramedic students were recruited for this test in a double blind placebo controlled study. In this study, we used algal meal (AstaREAL® biomass) as astaxanthin supplementation. Twenty of the subjects received capsules filled with algal meal to provide 4 mg astaxanthin per capsule, whereas the other twenty received placebo capsules for six months. The physical parameters monitored were fitness, strength/endurance and strength/explosivity by standardized exercises. Before starting the dietary supplementation, base values for each of the subjects were obtained. At the end of the six month period of dietary supplementation, the average number of knee
bendings (squats) increased by 27.05 (from 49.32 to 76.37) for subjects having received astaxanthin and by 9.0 (from 46.06 to 55.06) for the placebo subjects. Hence, the increase in the astaxanthin supplemented group was three times higher than that of the placebo group (P=0.047). None of the other parameters monitored differed significantly between the groups at the end of the study period. Based on this findings, it suggested that supplementation of astaxanthin is effective for the improvement of strength endurance that may lead to sports performance.

Study Information

Curt L. Malmstena and Åke Lignell
Dietary Supplementation with Astaxanthin-Rich Algal Meal Improves Strength Endurance
Carotenoid Science,
2008 March
Räddningshälsan AB, Yxvägen 11, 840 13 Torpshammar, Sweden.

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