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Coral Calcium (Biocoral) Has Potential as Bone Graft Material

Study Abstract

The drawbacks of freshly harvested autologous bone have resulted in the search for an alternative, capable of supporting osteogenic cell growth. This capability was examined in potential bone graft materials by culturing human osteoblasts on each material. Test materials included rat bone, Surgibone, Ostilit, Biocoral and Tisseel. After 3 days osteoblasts had adhered to all materials, except Ostilit. With increasing time the cells multiplied on the materials, to varying extents. Cell affinity was greatest for rat bone and Tisseel. Fewer cells attached to Biocoral and Surgibone. Thus all the materials, with the exception of Ostilit, were biocompatible for human osteoblasts.

Study Information

Doherty MJ, Schlag G, Schwarz N, Mollan RA, Nolan PC, Wilson DJ.
Biocompatibility of xenogeneic bone, commercially available coral, a bioceramic and tissue sealant for human osteoblasts.
1994 June
School of Clinical Medicine/Orthopaedic Surgery, Queen's University of Belfast, UK.

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