Study Title:

Calcium Fructoborate Promotes Hormone Balance

Study Abstract

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between Calcium Fructoborate (FruiteX-B) and Vitamin D. This study also looked at the effects of Calcium Fructoborate on hormones such as DHEA and Testosterone. 13 vitamin D deficient participants were tested for levels of vitamin D, DHEA, and testosterone in the blood. After taking 6mg or Boron in the form of Calcium Fructoborate, for 60 days the participants' blood was tested again. The average increase in vitamin D levels was 19.6%. DHEA and testosterone were also increased 56% and 29.5% respectively.

FruiteX-B increased Vitamin D 19.6%, DHEA 56%, and Free Testosterone 29.5%. One male participant had an increase of 50% in testosterone. There was shown to be a relationship between FruiteX-B and hormone balance.

Study Information

Natasha Miljkovic
Vitamin D/ Steroid Hormone Homeostasis and Calcium Fructoborate Supplementation

2002 March
Department of Orthopedic Medicine at the University of Novi Sad


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