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Bariatric surgery in adolescents: what do we know so far?

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Obesity represents a vast and rapidly increasing global burden. Bariatric surgery is the only intervention achieving sustained weight loss, among its wide-ranging benefits.
In this article, we describe the growing challenges presented by adolescents with severe obesity and review the literature on surgical and other treatment options.
Outcomes in terms of weight loss, metabolic and quality of life improvement, reversal of obstructive sleep apnea, insulin resistance, type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and dyslipidemia appear comparable to those seen in adults. However, long-term data on safety and sustainability are lacking. There is a growing acceptance of the need for surgery as a treatment for the morbidly obese adolescent population, and the number of studies reporting outcomes after adolescent bariatric surgery is increasing.
Accumulating evidence suggests that the benefits seen in adult bariatric surgery can be reproduced in adolescents. Thus, adolescent bariatric surgery appears to be safe and effective in achieving benefits desired in terms of weight control and improvements in metabolic health and quality of life. However, particular care must be taken when treating a young population, and long-term outcomes are awaited to properly define indications and limitations.

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Bariatric surgery in adolescents: what do we know so far?
Scand J Surg.
2015 March

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