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B12 Dosing

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Many randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and observational studies have provided information on the association between vitamin B-12 intake and biomarkers. The use of these data to estimate dose-response relations provides a useful means to summarize the body of evidence.


We systematically reviewed studies that investigated vitamin B-12 intake and biomarkers of vitamin B-12 status and estimated dose-response relations with the use of a meta-analysis.


This systematic review included all RCTs, prospective cohort studies, nested case-control studies, and cross-sectional studies in healthy adult populations published through January 2010 that supplied or measured dietary vitamin B-12 intake and measured vitamin B-12 status as serum or plasma vitamin B-12, methylmalonic acid (MMA), or holotranscobalamin. We calculated an intake-status regression coefficient ( ) for each individual study and calculated the overall pooled and SE ( ) by using random-effects meta-analysis on a double-log scale.


The meta-analysis of observational studies showed a weaker slope of dose-response relations than the meta-analysis of RCTs. The pooled dose-response relation of all studies between vitamin B-12 intake and status indicated that a doubling of the vitamin B-12 intake increased vitamin B-12 concentrations by 11% (95% CI: 9.4%, 12.5%). This increase was larger for studies in elderly persons (13%) than in studies in adults (8%). The dose-response relation between vitamin B-12 intake and MMA concentrations indicated a decrease in MMA of 7% (95% CI: -10%, -4%) for every doubling of the vitamin B-12 intake. The assessment of risk of bias within individual studies and across studies indicated risk that was unlikely to seriously alter these results.


The obtained dose-response estimate between vitamin B-12 intake and status provides complementary evidence to underpin recommendations for a vitamin B-12 intake of populations.

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Dullemeijer C, Souverein OW, Doets EL, van der Voet H, van Wijngaarden JP, de Boer WJ, Plada M, Dhonukshe-Rutten RA, In 't Veld PH, Cavelaars AE, de Groot LC, van 't Veer P.
Systematic review with dose-response meta-analyses between vitamin B-12 intake and European Micronutrient Recommendations Aligned's prioritized biomarkers of vitamin B-12 including randomized controlled trials and observational studies in adults
Am J Clin Nutr.
2013 February
Division of Human Nutrition, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Wageningen, Netherlands

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