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Lesser Investigated Natural Ingredients for the Management of Obesity.

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Obesity, an epidemiological disorder, is related to various complications in both the developed and developing world. It epitomizes a crucial risk factor for health, decreasing productivity and life expectancy while increasing health care costs worldwide. Conventional therapies with synthetic drugs or bariatric surgery, associated with numerous side effects, recurrence, and surgical complexity, have been restricted in their use. Lifestyle changes and dietary restrictions are the proven methods for successful weight loss, although maintaining a strict lifestyle is a challenge. Multiple natural products have been explored for weight management with varied efficacy. The current review explores less explored natural herbs, their active constituents, and their mechanisms of action against obesity.

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Nutrients. 2021 Feb 4;13(2):510. doi: 10.3390/nu13020510. PMID: 33557185; PMCID: PMC7913945.

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