Say Goodbye to Undereye Circles

March 25, 2019 | Wellness Resources

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 Say Goodbye to Undereye Circles
Have you ever wondered what causes dark undereye circles? It is often assumed that these shadows are caused by being tired as they are commonly more noticeable after a night of tossing and turning or being ill. There is more to the story though; there are actually several issues that can make dark circles under the eyes more noticeable. If you can get to the root of what is going on inside your body, then you can eliminate dark circles altogether.

The undereye skin is some of the thinnest in the body between the circulatory system and the surface. When you notice dark undereye circles (that don’t seem to be related to the skin pigment melanin), what you are really seeing is blood pooling under the eye area. Blood is dark red in color but appears bluish through the veins and skin.

Dark circles under the eyes are essentially a problem of “dirty blood”. Toxins and waste are elevating in the blood for some reason. This causes irritation inside the delicate veins which can cause them to swell, and even become leaky, which makes them more noticeable. Rubbing your eyes from dryness or allergies can make this worse. Histamine-related allergies can also make vasodilation worse that makes circles appear darker.

Common over-the-counter remedies for undereye circles are caffeinated creams or gels which work by temporarily shrinking the blood vessels and increasing circulation. They may work temporarily but do nothing to solve the broader issue at hand.

Sleep is the Prime Time for Detoxification

Sleep is the primary time the body does house cleaning and detoxifies itself. If you skimp on sleep for a night or, like many Americans, rarely get a full 7-8 hours, the detoxification systems (the liver, kidneys, lymphatic and digestive system) are challenged and you become more toxic. That is one reason why if you are lacking sleep you may notice your circles becoming more noticeable.

We are exposed to toxins daily. Clothing dyes, synthetic fragrances, pesticides from food, alcohol, cigarette smoke, prescription medications, plastics, molds, polluted seafood, and pollutants in the air all contribute to the toxin load in our body. Other sources of toxins include cellular waste products, digestive imbalances, allergies, stress, excessive exercise, poor diet, illness/infection, and injury.

How to Support Your Detoxification Systems

The good news is the body is capable of doing its own detoxification -- no harsh liver cleanse is needed. If you want to support your body and get ahead of the game, there are various nutrients shown to support healthy detoxification processes. The best Wellness Resources supplements to help support detoxification include:

1. Daily Detoxify contains key nutrients that support healthy liver and kidney function. This formula includes milk thistle, chlorella, NAC, r-alpha lipoic acid, resveratrol, dandelion root, and l-carnosine, and more. Supporting your body’s detoxification processes on a daily basis is crucial for health.*

2. Immune Plus is a unique glyconutrient that naturally activates macrophages in your lymph system to enhance your own housecleaning operation. If you wake up with stiff shoulders, it could be a sign that your lymph system is congested. Immune Plus naturally helps healthy lymph system circulation. Easily mix the powder option into water before bed. Another key if you’re noticing lymph congestion is to avoid eating before bed and finish eating at least 3 hours before bedtime.*

3. Fiber Helper contains superior forms of soluble fiber that mix easily in water, have a pleasant taste (not sweetened at all), are not gas forming, and help soak up toxins in your GI tract for easy elimination. Sluggish bowel motility (thyroid, constipation, food allergies) can cause toxins to sit in the digestive system and possibly be reabsorbed back into circulation, so it is important to keep bowels moving regularly. Boost your dietary fiber intake to 30-50 grams per day; perhaps start by eating more vegetables! Fiber Helper is a high quality option to supplement your diet.*

Plus, anything you do to strengthen the circulatory system may help reduce a bruise-like appearance under the eyes. Nutritional supplements we recommend to strengthen the veins include:

1. Skin Rejuvenator provides powerful nutrients and antioxidants to revitalize collagen and connective tissues throughout the body. It contains grape seed extract, collagen peptides, and MSM sulfur, lycopene, and green tea extract.*

2. Cardio Helper also contains grape seed extract, along with other nutrients supportive of vein strength and circulation. It includes hawthorn, horse chestnut, and resveratrol.*

3. Vitamin C plays a vital role in strengthening and rejuvenating connective tissue and collagen. Vitamin C also helps your immune system and adrenal health.*

Undereye circles could be a sign that toxins are elevating in the blood for some reason. Supporting your body’s natural detoxification systems can help diminish your dark circles. The best news is that you improve your health along the way!

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