Top 10 Health Stories of 2010

December 30, 2010 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Top 10 Health Stories of 2010
2010 is a year marked by an explosion in gene-related nutritional science, with significant findings to improve the health of one and all. In contrast, the same type of gene science applied to the function of commonly used drugs is showing their true colors. These toxic poisons should be avoided for all but the most desperate use in true medical situations. They should absolutely never be used for preventive health or the management of symptoms or numbers.

Last year I wrote the Top 10 Health Stories of 2009. In 2009 gene exploration tools really caught on and all of the stories in 2009 are still valuable in 2010 and well worth a read in the context of the amazing explosion of nutritional science in support of health. In 2010 I have focused on other stories which when taken along with the 2009 stories portray a major leap forward in our understanding of what you can do to stay healthy or recover your health. You can expect more of the same in 2011 as the toxic bubble of Big Pharma prepares to burst and be replaced by common sense.

#10 Gum Health Predicts Cognitive Function

Gone are the days of Western medicine reductionist logic wherein a problem is isolated from the rest of your body and some sort of “cause” is attached to it. In its place comes a massive gene-related communication system that is as complex as playing chess in 3 dimensions. It means that a problem in one area of your body is either reflective of problems elsewhere in your body or is spreading its bad influence to other areas of your body or both (and both is likely).

You can now predict the cognitive function of any 70 year old by looking at the health of their gums. Was it inflammation elsewhere in their body that led to poor gum health? Was it inflammatory problems in the gums that led to poor brain health? The answer is likely both. And the message is don’t forget to floss and take all manner of steps to reduce inflammation over the course of your life – while you can still remember to do so. 30% of the gene signaling in your body is adversely activated by inflamed gums!

Gum Health Predicts Cognitive Function in Elderly
30% of Human Genome is Activated by Gingivitis

#9 The Right Amount Saturated Fat May Actually Be Good for You

The simplistic notion of reducing fat grams to improve cardiovascular health is the mainstay of every group that is associated with Big Pharma cardiovascular drug sales. This should be a clue that something isn’t right, since Big Pharma and its co-conspirators never promote anything that would reduce the sales of drugs. Solving your health problems is the furthest thing from their mind.

In July Swedish researchers were trying to prove that saturated fat from dairy was linked to a first heart attack. They examined 444 cases of a first heart attack and compared them to 555 matched controls, taken from a very large population database. Much to their surprise, they proved just the opposite. Especially in women, but also in men, the amount of dairy fat was inversely associated with the risk of a first heart attack.

Also in July, a massive meta-analysis of 324 dairy studies showed that regular milk drinking reduced the chances of dying from illnesses such as coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke by up to 15-20% - indicating that consuming fatty dairy products extends lifespan.

In December researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health came to the conclusion that dietary intake of high-fat dairy offers significant protection against developing a variety of metabolic problems, including the onset of type 2 diabetes. The researchers were stunned to report that Americans with a fatty acid in their blood (trans-palmitoleate), which elevates in direct proportion to the amount of high-fat dairy products that are consumed, had a rather amazing three-fold less likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.

At the same time, another large human study confirmed this finding by analyzing the blood of middle-aged adults over a 7-year period. They found that those with the highest levels of trans-palmitoleate fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids had the lowest risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Gone are the days of attacking fat grams. Sure you need to eat saturated fat as part of a normal amount of calories and in conjunction with a diet rich in fiber, fruit, and vegetables. But the new gene science is showing that unique fats influence genes that regulate metabolism – independent of the idea of calories per fat gram. As it turns out dairy fat is highly protective against diabetes and heart disease. The American Heart Association is of course silent on the issue as they have been wrong for decades.

Dairy Fat Inversely Associated with a First Heart Attack
Will Drinking Milk Help You Live Longer?
Are Low Fat Diets Helping to Cause Type 2 Diabetes?

#8 The Flow of Sugar Into Cells Determines When pH Becomes Acid

An acid pH is associated with states of poor health, increased inflammation, and significantly increased risk for any disease of aging. Until now, we never had the tools to accurately measure cellular pH and what is causing it to change as well as the impact such changes have on your health. This has led to many wild theories and diets that are supposed to improve pH, primarily based on the acid content of food. A whole new world is upon us as the first advanced cellular study on pH has been published. I am the first to explain what the results of this study actually mean to your health.

Your cell membranes are composed of a fatty acid bi-layer. These fatty acids are linked together with phosphates, forming the phospholipids that make up your cell membranes. This is actually an elaborate communication system between the inside of a cell and the rest of the body. Many genes that regulate cell function, including growth and repair, are coordinated by the function of your cell membrane phospholipids.

The new study showed that a decrease in the flow of blood sugar into the cell caused a drop in pH (more acid), in turn signaling cell membranes to reduce their activity. This is how insulin resistance causes acid pH. It is a preservation system gone wrong, as the drop in sugar would normally mean less food availability and so slow down metabolism. However, states of insulin resistance are typically caused by excess food consumption. This is a key way in which over-eating is causing disease, as your body is turning on preservation-related gene signals in error. The moral of the story is; quit poisoning yourself by eating too much food.

New Insights on pH Regulation and Your Health

#7 Vitamin E Status is Pivotal to Brain Health

Vitamin E is seen as competition to the sale of Big Pharma drugs and groups like the American Heart Association have done everything in their power to convince older Americans not to take vitamin E so that they take their drugs instead. Considering that vitamin E is needed for healthy immune competence in the elderly, this diabolical plot to promotes drug sales at the expense of human health. I have outlined the specifics of their conniving ways in my previous article, The Statin Scam Marches On.

New this year there were several key human studies that show that vitamin E is vital for maintaining cognitive health.

Vitamin E Depletion
Vitamin E from Tocotrienols and Tocopherols

#6 Americans Were Killed By Avandia for Blood Sugar Regulation

Avandia is an example of all that is wrong in the next generation of Big Pharma drugs, both technically and politically. Staying true to form the FDA approved a drug while bowing to Big Pharma and hiding the safety risks from the public, even disciplining its own lead safety scientist for suggesting that the drug have a black box warning from the start. After the FDA co-conspired in the killing of thousands of Americans, it eventually curtailed the use of the drug though leaving it on the market (so as to minimize just how atrocious its own misdeeds actually were).

Avandia, and the competing Actos, were also found to be breaking the bones of people taking them – yet another nasty side effect of commonly used toxic medication.

It is no accident that a killer and damaging drug comes onto the market and gains widespread “blockbuster use” before anyone knows what is happening. Indeed, product liability is already built into the cost of the drugs as a marketing expense. However, the real story is the underlying gene science and what it means for the future of all new-fangled fancy biotech and gene-manipulating drugs. They are many times more dangerous than the previous types of drugs, which mostly work by poisoning cellular function to hopefully produce a “desirable” result. Just because a drug can turn off a gene that is seemingly out of whack does not mean that we should use it, as the side effects are often deadly.

Avandia is Killing Americans, FDA Negligence Comes Front and Center
Avandia and Actos Increase Fracture Risk

#5 Is High Sugar Intake Causing Mental Illness in America?

Early in the year researchers showed that an excessive desire for sweets was clearly linked to a family history of alcohol abuse and current depression symptoms. The problem is very clear in children and is likely establishing a brain program that will lead to a lifetime of misery. This is because the higher the sugar intake the faster the dopamine release (reward circuitry in the brain). If a child’s taste is set so as to need excess sweet taste to be satisfied it indicates significant problems in the brain’s reward circuitry. This predicts all manner of mental health problems.

In December researchers stumbled on to an unexpected discovery when they manipulated animal diets with excess sugar so as to drive up serotonin levels. They thought they would cure bad mood and bad behavior – instead everything got worse and they even created mental illness in animals that previously had none.

An excessive sweet tooth is highly predictive of a malfunctioning brain.

Excess Desire for Sweets Indicates a Mental Health Problem
Is Excessive Sugar Intake Leading to Society-Wide Mental Illness?

#4 Blueberries May Be Earth’s Best Superfood

If they came from another country they would be sold by an MLM in the juice form for a hundred dollars a bottle. Instead, they are in plentiful supply in the organic form all year round (frozen counts). An amazing array of blueberry research was published this year, with the US Department of Agriculture leading the way.

New scientific tools show that blueberries activate genes in your brain that turns on your anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant defense system. Researchers announced the blueberries are likely to protect against developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other diseases of aging by their ability to bind up undesirable free iron that has come loose from its appropriate storage places.

Of particular noteworthiness was USDA research showing that blueberries could activate gene signals in your brain that turn on the natural house cleaning process within brain cells – literally helping them to take out the trash so that they can maintain function in an uncluttered environment. The process is called autophagy and new science is saying that when the process works properly you are likely to live longer.

Eat blueberries every chance you get!

Berries for Brain Protection
Blueberries Activate Key Antioxidant Enzyme Systems
Berries for Brain Anti-Aging
The Autophagy Theory of Life Extension

#3 The Impact of Friendly Flora on Human Health

Our digestive tracts contain more foreign cells than make up our entire body. This is a push and pull that has been going on since the beginning of human evolution. It turns out the relationship is incredibly complex and we are now just beginning to measure the back and forth communication between digestive contents and human health. The implications are profound. It is clear that maintaining a balance of friendly flora in your digestive tract is of the utmost importance. Shockingly, one or even two rounds of antibiotics can alter the balance of power into a hostile situation and set health on a downward spiral – leading directly to obesity and heart disease and contributing to cognitive impairment and insulin resistance.

This year it was proven that friendly flora:
1) Improves protein absorption.
2) Prevents intestinal damage.
3) Reduces the risk of premature delivery.
4) Prevents gestational diabetes.

All in all it was a very good year for friendly flora. Collectively the information demonstrates that communication signals coming from hostile germ gangs, directly interact with the human genome and stress it out by activating undesirable gene signals that lead to potentially poor health not only in the digestive tract but in any other key organ system including your circulatory system and your brain. A rather stunning set of developments.

Those putting an antacid bandage on indigestion, needs to raise their health IQ and focus on problem solving measures.

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Friendly Flora Supplements Essential During Pregnancy & Nursing

#2 The Dangers of Blood Pressure Medication

It seems relatively obvious and innocuous; your blood pressure is up so take a drug and knock down the number. If your Big Pharma-trained doctor has his/her way you would stay on the drug forever. After all, it's proven and the backbone of Western medical cardiovascular preventive care. How many doctors thought denial was a river in Egypt when the New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that tight control of blood pressure with medication--the American Heart Association’s Gold Standard of care--was associated with an increased risk of death.

Adding insult to injury, it was found that many people taking blood pressure medication were actually worsening their blood pressure and the cause was the medication itself! In fact, the more drugs used to aggressively bring down a number, the more dangerous the side effects – including death.

It wasn’t all bad news; the actual source of many blood pressure problems was discovered for the very first time! The bad news for Big Pharma and the American Heart Association continued as drugs won’t fix it. The good news for consumers – antioxidants will. As it turns out a key protein that regulates blood pressure is damaged by free radicals. This in turn leads to stressed out kidneys and elevating blood pressure. Restoring the antioxidant defense system would solve the problem at its source. No wonder the Big Pharma marketing machine called the American Heart Association hates antioxidants. The picture is now clear.

Blood Pressure Medication Linked to Increased Rate of Death
Why Blood Pressure Medication Often Raises Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure Therapy Called Into Question
Major Blood Pressure Discovery Offers Immediate Solutions

#1 Congress Deals the Food Supply a Mighty Blow While Pretending to Help

It is America’s darkest hour. A two-generation attack on the family farm has left it all but extinct. The attack has not only crippled the quality of the food supply, but it has seriously undermined core values of culture and community. A last ditch effort at resurgence based on the organic movement, the farmer’s markets, co-ops, and even direct to consumer sales, was dealt a hefty blow by the evil Big Agriculture which is led by Monsanto, Cargill, and the like. A draconian “food safety” bill (S.510) was rammed through the Lame Duck session under the cover of darkness and shear congressional ignorance and stupidity.

It is yet another step in a master plan of government control. For example, there is no worse case in point than the Obama promise to have no lobbyist in his administration and then hiring the chief Monsanto lobbyist Michael Taylor to a powerful position at the FDA. He is the man responsible for making it legal to poison Americans with GMO mutant food. Earlier this year he was put in charge of the newly created FDA position, Deputy Commissioner of Foods, which is primarily responsible for food safety for our entire country (and with S.510 for the entire world). The number-one henchman for the Monsanto/Cargill partnership of marketing toxic GMO food to planet earth stands as the gatekeeper of food safety for the planet. The fox is now eating the henhouse and the fox now has a new weapon, Food Safety bill S.510.

The fear of a potentially contaminated food supply was used by Big Agriculture as the classic excuse to regulate. Their goal is to wipe out crop competition for their toxic GMO “food.” It is actually rather odd that the big dietary supplement trade groups like the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the Natural Products Association (NPA) were in favor of this legislation, until you understand that they are in the back pockets of Big Pharma and Big Agriculture and their related law firms. Not surprisingly the bill has language tucked deep within it that can be used as a Trojan horse to assist CODEX implementation. This makes it possible to unleash yet another attack on your personal freedom and the freedom of the United States by seeking to harmonize the United States with the backwards dietary supplement rules of Europe while simultaneously attempting to force the GMO bastardization of the food supply on the entire planet. CRN and NPA have once again exposed themselves for what they are.

Against this backdrop of impending doom a new Super Hero has arisen. Yes, it is Larry Leptin, and he is here to help save America from the true evil that has grasped it.

Watch Larry Leptin take on the forces of GMO evil.
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