Protect Your Cell Membranes and Health with Calcium AEP

May 11, 2020 | Dr. Linda J. Dobberstein, DC, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

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 Protect Your Cell Membranes and Health with Calcium AEP
Imagine your cell membranes. A floating highly sophisticated layer of millions of smaller molecules compromised of proteins and phospholipids that envelope the internal contents of your cells. Cell membranes are a sentry point to the inner workings of its content and yet so much more. Its presence is incredibly important to normal cell physiology. If this barrier breaks down or is inferior in its structure, then internal cellular workings are harmed lending to loss of health.

Cell membranes are elastic, flexible, and malleable. They selectively allow things in and out of cells. Cell walls protect against unwanted toxins, germs, and other stressors that try to gain entry into the cell. Similarly, water, amino acids, glucose, minerals, vitamins, fats, electrolytes, etc. must have the ability to flux in and out of cells.

In addition to the selective permeability feature, cell membranes maintain electrical charges essential for cellular communications and neurological function. The electrolytes - calcium, magnesium, and potassium are used for this.

Your cell membranes rely on several nutrients like DHA, choline, cholesterol, and proteins to maintain anatomy and function just like the brain requires them for function. Calcium AEP is another unique nutrient that helps keep cell membranes intact.

Calcium AEP

Calcium AEP is a natural, special form of calcium that is unlike other calcium types. It is calcium attached to 2-AEP making it a powerful mineral complex. The 2-AEP is known by several different names most commonly 2-Amino Ethanol Phosphate Calcium (2-AEP or AEP), colamine phosphate, and membrane integrity factor.

Calcium 2-AEP was discovered by biochemist Erwin Chargaff in 1941. It was further researched and popularized by German physician Hans Nieper in the following decades. German researchers at the University of Muenster in 1971 further proved 2-AEP effects with electron microscope research. Dr Nieper coined the term 2-AEP as ‘membrane integrity factor’ which reflects its primary function. 2-AEP is essential for maintaining the integrity of cell membrane structure and function.

2AEP Helps Protect Cell Membranes against Invaders

2-AEP affects some critical activities of your cell membranes. One of the most critical acts for 2-AEP is that it is a mineral carrier compound which integrates directly into cell membranes. 2-AEP delivers calcium, magnesium, and potassium to your cell walls which help seal, strengthen, and fortify their protective membrane, like fixing cracks in a cement retainer wall.

This affects the “sentry” action of the cell and helps keep toxins, germs, and antibodies out of cells. Healthy intact cell membranes keep unwanted invaders from entry into cells. This aids in immune system function and detoxification. This same action also helps to seal the myelin sheath that surrounds and insulates nerves. 

2-AEP and Bioelectrical Activity

Another critical activity of 2-AEP pertains to cell electricity. The presence of 2-AEP combined with calcium and other electrolytes within the membrane helps normalize the electrical charge of cell membranes. This critical electrical charge of your cell membranes affects your body’s vital bioelectrical activity impacting brain and nervous system, muscles, bones, heart and blood vessels, immune actions, gut, liver function, and even skin integrity and hair follicle strength.

Calcium AEP protection of cell membranes and bioelectrical activity makes it incredibly vital to the myelin sheath or insulation layer that surrounds nerves.

2-AEP and Bones

Calcium AEP is a valued mineral transporter which allows it to travel through and bypass digestive pH challenges and absorb into the blood stream. From there, calcium AEP can safely travel to the target tissue like bones and nerves and readily enter your cells.

Calcium AEP can easily enter bones to help maintain bone density. Other forms of calcium not bound with a transporter compound may just stay in the blood stream and not be appropriately used.

Mineral transport compounds with calcium, other minerals, good fats and protein help osteoblasts or bone-building cells form and regenerate bones. Calcium AEP also aids your bones in maintaining a healthy electrical charge in their cell membranes to help with the continual maintenance and rebuilding of bones.

2-AEP and Cellular Energy

Minerals must be able to get from the blood stream into cells. 2-AEP combined with calcium, magnesium, and potassium helps restore mineral metabolism to the cell membrane and ultimately inside cells. This restoration aids in energy production, blood vessel and circulatory tone in heart, lungs, gut, brain, and body, and supports muscle relaxation and vitality which can help abate fatigue, stress, and malaise.

2-AEP and Respiration

Calcium AEP has been used to help cell membrane repair in lungs. Cell membranes must be intact and healthy to bring oxygen in and carbon dioxide out the alveoli or air sacs of the lungs. Hans Nieper found improved oxygen saturation of blood with 2-AEP

2-AEP and Blood Sugar Transport

Cell membranes influence the transport of blood sugar and insulin into cells. When cell membranes are healthy, insulin and blood sugar regulation work well. In cases of insulin resistance, insulin is produced, but can’t get inside of the cells. Broken down cell membranes and poor transportation activities contribute to insulin resistance. Restoration of cell membrane transportation helps support blood sugar metabolism into cells.

2-AEP also helps protect cells against sugar stress as the cell membranes are sealed against toxic metabolites from entering cells. As cell membranes retain stability, this aids in curbing blood sugar highs and lows and may contribute to improved satiety.

2-AEP and Brain

A study published February 2020 demonstrated some very positive protective benefits on calcium AEP combined with magnesium for brain health. The study evaluated the response of rodent’s hippocampus (memory, learning, spatial navigation, etc.) to high amounts of stress to the brain.

Immune cells, glutathione levels, free radical stress against lipids, and other indications of oxidative stress and antioxidant status were measured. Rats given the 2-AEP experienced less immune and oxidative stress on the hippocampus and had better antioxidant status defenses compared to the control group. Quite a remarkable demonstration overall!

Cell Membrane Threats

The cell membranes are highly vulnerable to toxins, oxidative stress, viral presence, blood sugar stress, and inadequate nutrients. Cell research suggests that EMF from today’s high-tech wireless devices provoke free radical stress against cell membranes that causes structural breakdown. More permeable cell membranes lend one to greater susceptibility to germ influx and loss of health.

Support Your Cell Membranes

Today’s lifestyle and modern food processing contributes to significant nutritional challenges and inadequacies. Moreover, the ubiquitous threats of environmental toxins, EMF/wireless exposure, blood sugar challenges and more erode away at cell membrane integrity and even cell bioelectrical activities. This ultimately affects cell function, gene stability, immune efficacy and mitochondrial function in every dimension of health. Maintenance of cell membrane integrity must be enhanced to keep cells healthy.

No longer can you simply rely on a balanced wholesome diet to keep up with nutritional needs and 21st Century stressors. Supplemental support has become essential to help fortify your body deals with the back-log of repair and daily demands.

Calcium AEP may be used to supply dietary calcium intake. If you are dairy intolerant or want to find a healthier way to get calcium into your bones without worrying about build-up in the wrong places, calcium AEP offers support.

Calcium AEP can be taken with other nutrients like phosphatidylserine, magnesium, potassium, choline, and omega-3 DHA to help fortify your membranes. With the increasing EMF exposures especially with 5G rollouts, immune challenges, and toxic environmental challenges, it is clear to me that cell membrane integrity is under assault. Make sure you protect your cells today.

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