Pregnancy Nutrition Influences Future Obesity

September 13, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Pregnancy Nutrition Influences Future Obesity
Mother's have a profound affect on the future health of their children, including the risk for obesity. Fetal programming and early infant development are times when the nervous system is “hard wiring” patterns that will have heavy influence for a lifetime.

New British research1 has pointed out the significant link between overweight mothers and mothers not eating enough, and how both situations fuel future obesity risk in their children.

Mothers who are “dieting” during pregnancy program a “thrifty metabolism” into their child, which is fine as long as the child never overeats. As soon as the child dose, then leptin resistance and obesity set in. On the other hand, mothers who are overweight and eat too much during pregnancy, especially junk food, program leptin resistance into the evolving nervous system of their child.

The Leptin Diet applies to mothers as well as children, and can even help compensate if there is a bad history. Nutrient support can also be used to help out, and may be needed to help keep a child or young adult on track.

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