Get Glowing Skin with Green Tea Extract

July 3, 2019 | Wellness Resources

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 Get Glowing Skin with Green Tea Extract
Green tea contains polyphenol flavonoids known as catechins. The most studied catechin is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is responsible for many of the antioxidant, immune, and weight loss benefits green tea boasts. Green tea is now making a name for itself as a helpful skin antioxidant, capable of improving skin quality and apprearance.

There are a number of human studies showing that green tea is an excellent antioxidant for the skin. Various types of antioxidant compounds like to accumulate in your skin, offering protection from from the sun's UV radiation and chemicals. Lycopene, the carotene compound in tomatoes, and the tocotrienol form of vitamin E are two other examples of antioxidants that protect the skin. While skin needs a variety of antioxidants to be healthy, studies confirm again and again that green tea is a skin-loving nutrient.

Glow From the Inside Out

A 12-week study with women found that green tea catechins (EGCG) were able to improve skin characteristics, including skin elasticity, roughness, scaling, and water content. Additionally, less UV radiation damage was seen in the group that supplemented with green tea catechins.

Individuals taking 540 mg of green tea catechins per day over a 12-week period were found to have green tea stores built up in their skin, where it helped to protect them from UV radiation. When UV radiation hits your skin it turns on vitamin D activity which then activates your antioxidant defense systems in your skin. A person lacking in skin antioxidants may not be able to mount a proper defense. Thus, adequate amounts of skin antioxidants need to be present to help protect the skin.

Quality Difference

Wellness Resources Green Tea Extract is the highest quality green tea supplement you'll find! Wellness Resources Green Tea Extract is standardized for 70% polyphenols, 60% catechins, 30% EGCG. Our specially prepared green tea begins with hand picking of the leaves to preserve the delicate catechins. Only the finest quality green tea leaves are used, rigorously tested and quality controlled to ensure they are not contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, or other pollutants that are common in cheap green tea.*

Scientists remain unsure whether green tea catechins are absorbed topically, so the best way to harness the skin benefits of green tea is by supplementing. Nourish your skin from within and see the glow from the inside out!

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