Dairy Prevents Bone Loss During Weight Loss

June 6, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Dairy Prevents Bone Loss During Weight Loss
A diet of lean protein and low fat dairy, along with vegetables and fruit, was able to stop bone loss during weight loss1 – something that our government's food pyramid guidelines could not do. Study participants consume 30% of their calories from protein, while the food pyramid recommends only 10% of calories from protein.

It has been obvious for a long time that low protein diets during weight loss create a form of catabolic muscle and bone wasting as weight is lost. The rules of the Leptin Diet were designed with this fact in mind, and emphasize a high protein breakfast to start your day. Of course, fine quality whey protein is the ultimate low-fat (cholesterol free), high-calcium complete protein that is the best "whey" for any person to start their day.

This study also confirms the flawed notion that eating meat or high dairy is “acid forming” to your body pH – and would therefore leach calcium out of your bones. This fallacy about protein and pH occurs because when protein is metabolized in an oven what is left is acid ash residue. This has led many authors to blame high protein for acid pH problems. I have pointed out for many years that this logic is completely flawed, as your body is far different than an oven. Protein is required to maintain your muscle, bone, and metabolic drive – which when working properly produces an alkaline pH. Eating it in combination with fresh vegetables and fruit provides helps provide the minerals your body needs to utilize the protein properly in your metabolism.

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