Answers To Your Dr. Google Questions

December 23, 2019 | Dr. Linda J. Dobberstein, DC, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

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 Answers To Your Dr. Google Questions
Results were recently posted for the most popular questions asked to “Dr Google” in 2019. The three most common questions pertained to blood pressure, keto diets, and hiccups. Other top questions related to kidney stones, alcohol, how many calories to eat, the flu and immune health, and cholesterol.

Here are some great resources to address some of these topics for you.

We wish you and your family a blessed and healthy holiday season!

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Therapy Called Into Question

Insufficient Magnesium – Public Health Crisis Declared

How Leptin Problems Raise Blood Pressure 

Hypertension: Problems with Calcium Channel Blockers

Sluggish Thyroid Increases Blood Pressure 

Potassium – A Valuable Mineral for Health

Heart Health and Alzheimer’s Connected

Keto Diet

The Keto Diet: Know the Risks


The vagus nerve or Cranial Nerve 10 innervates or provides the main nerve to the diaphragm. Learn more about this vital nerve.

Heart Rate Variability – Why You Should Know Yours

Gut Motility: Fundamentals to Master for Metabolism, Weight Management, and Gut Health

Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones: The Root Cause

Alcohol and Detoxification

Pantethine – Boost Your Brain, Cardio Health, Metabolism, and Detoxification

Fisetin: A Smart Nutrient

Chlorella – A Potent Super Food

Curcumin Supports Gut Lining and Health 

3 Key Nutrients to Take If You Drink Alcohol 

NAC: Versatile Antioxidant, Immune, Sinus and Detox Support

Calorie and Dietary Guidance

The Five Rules

The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet

The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge #1 – Overview and Basic Needs

Jump Start Your Weight Loss

How Protein Helps Weight Loss

How to Eat for Blood Sugar Health

Combat Energy Crashes After Eating

Eating Ultra-Processed Foods Shortens Lifespan 

New Research Links Cancer to Sugar Intake

This is Your Brain on Pop

Top Essentials For Daily Health – What’s Your Health Trend? 

Immune Support

A Healthy Lymph System is Vital for Flu Fighting Immunity

Protect and Energize Your Immune System 

Top 5 Immune System Stressors

The Immune System Requires Healthy Mitochondria

Astaxanthin Helps Cell Clean-Up, Immunity, and Gut Health

The Immune Booster Powers of Lactoferrin

Chicken Pox and Shingles Virus: Prevent Reactivation

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Triggered by Vaccine Adjuvant


The Five Key Things You Can Do to Lower LDL Cholesterol Healthfully

Low Cholesterol Increases Cancer and Death Risk

The Vital Role of Cholesterol in Health

Friendly Flora Reduces Cholesterol Absorption

Thyroid and Cholesterol

Low LDL Cholesterol Increases Depression Risk in Elderly Men

Strawberries are Good for Cholesterol Health in Overweight People

Saturated Fat Myth – Debunked Again

Statin Drugs Linked with Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes

The Statin Scam Marches On

Statin Drugs Cause Atherosclerosis and Heart Failure

Coenzyme Q10, Statins, and Heart Health

Grape Seed Extract: Versatile and Valued Antioxidant

Pterostilbene – An Ancient Prized Health Tonic

Unclog Your Liver & Lose Abdominal Fat – Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge #6

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