Whey Protein Preserves Muscle during Dieting

August 18, 2011 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Whey Protein Preserves Muscle during Dieting
Researchers have shown in post-menopausal women on a diet that consuming two, 25 gram servings of whey protein, one in the morning and one later in the day, helped them maintain muscle and lose more weight compared to consuming an equivalent amount of carbohydrates. The findings of this study are relevant to any age group and to both sexes.

When you try to lose weight by dieting it means that you will be eating fewer calories for a period of time. You want your body to convert stored fat into energy, but that process is not always efficient. Since your carbohydrate intake may also be lower-than-typical, your body oftentimes seeks to break down protein to help sustain your energy level. This is undesirable as such proteins come from neurotransmitters which are needed for healthy brain function, immune function, and muscles. Although not part of this study, muscle loss during weight loss also indicates bone loss during weight loss.

By supplementing with whey protein when on a weight loss diet, researchers found that muscle loss was significantly reduced while weight loss was improved. There is no question that whey protein is a superior food to assist in healthy weight loss.

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