Vytorin Fraud Blasted at Heart Meeting

April 2, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Vytorin Fraud Blasted at Heart Meeting
It is not often that Big Pharma-friendly doctors pile on to a drug that is in a tailspin. That was the picture last weekend at the big American College of Cardiology meetings. A physician panel as well as the New England Journal of Medicine blasted the cholesterol-lowering Vytorin – a move sure to relegate its use to mothballs.

The meeting also had professional spin doctors – trying to say that Vytorin was still a good drug and only failed to work because the individuals taking it were too diseased! What a flimsy argument – those are the exact people that might need a drug.

I think that all of this fanfare was intentionally done to distract the public from the real issue – the entire theory of lowering cholesterol with drugs is a major scam. Vytorin, which lowers cholesterol far better than current drugs, was found to not improve heart disease or reduce plaque in arteries. It is clear that the entire drug and heart disease protocol being forced on Americans in the name of health is a needless waste of 20 billion dollars a year.

There are no short cuts to being healthy and reducing heart disease risk. It takes hard work and consistency over the course of a lifetime. For those who haven’t done a good job – it’s never too late to get started in the right direction. Your body has a tremendous capacity to rejuvenate.

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