Top Health Stories of 2018

January 2, 2019 | Dr. Linda J. Dobberstein, DC, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

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 Top Health Stories of 2018
Some of our most popular health news articles from 2018 are about concerns of EMF and wireless technology, thyroid health, drug and other toxin concerns, autoimmune and various disorders, mitochondria, and nutrient highlights. This overview of articles gives you a chance to read things you might have missed or refresh your memory on the ever-growing natural health information. We hope you use this knowledge to empower yourself with nutrition and pursuit of health.

1. EMF and Wireless Technology

The push for making 5G wireless technology available to vast populations is moving at a rapid rate. As consumers, we have very little input into regulations and the health effects, as giant companies drive this technology into the market. Researchers continue to uncover concerns and the impact of wireless technology on health, yet little is disclosed to the public.

Thyroid cancer rates continue to rise as are certain types of brain cancer which are considered related to EMF technology exposure. We cannot afford to be like an ostrich with its head in the sand without questioning how this technology affects us.

Those in research see this concern akin to the tobacco industry cover-up with second hand smoke. The technology isn’t going anywhere other than increasing amounts of exposure. Therefore, we must make choices and protect ourselves with limiting exposure, antioxidant support, personal protective devices, and simply unplugging. Here is some information to help you with this concern.

Thyroid Health Affected by EMF and Wireless Technology

Cell Phone Radiation: Clear Evidence of Cancer

2. Thyroid Health

In addition to EMF and thyroid cancer concerns, healthy thyroid function continues to be an important focus for everyone. Here are some of the popular 2018 articles on thyroid health. Thyroid, adrenals, and brain health are connected. When one part of this communication loop is stressed, so are the other parts.

Gallbladder Function Requires a Healthy Thyroid

SIBO Linked with Thyroid Medication and More

Thyroid Hormone Affects Everything

Thyroid TSH Changes Throughout the Day

Stress Induced Burnout: The Path Back to Happiness

High Cortisol from Chronic Stress Increases Alzheimer’s Risk

3. Prescription Drug and Other Toxic Challenges

We are exposed to numerous other daily toxins, including prescription drugs that are written with the intent to help ease suffering. If you are on one or more medications, be aware of the adverse effects. Take steps to protect yourself from drug-injury.

NSAIDS Injure Gut Lining and Mitochondria

Non-Antibiotic Drugs Found to Harm Gut Flora 

Aspirin Riskier Than Previously Thought

GERD Caused by Popular Drugs

Injections for Joint Pain May Damage Cartilage

Opioids Disrupt Hormones, Gut Health, and Immunity

Common Sleep Meds Highly Addictive

Common Household Disinfectants Lead to Obesity in Preschoolers

Sugar, Not Salt, Harms Bones and Strips Out Minerals

4. Mitochondria

Mitochondria continue to be a very hot research topic, and rightly so. We have several hundred to thousands of them in all cells in the body except red blood cells. Their ability to function well determines so many things more than we previously understood. If mitochondria are injured, then function and structure deteriorate, and faster aging occurs.

Heart, lungs, brain, cartilage, bones, muscle, liver, pancreas, intestinal tract, blood sugar regulation, steroid hormones and cortisol levels, immune system, skin, hair follicles etc. are related with mitochondrial function. Mitochondria injury precedes gene changes and cancer development. Aging well and with vitality depends on healthy mitochondria.

Hair Loss and Skin Wrinkles Reflect Mitochondrial Aging

The Immune System Requires Healthy Mitochondria

Monsanto's Roundup Linked to Cancer, ADHD, Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Grumpy and Exhausted? Support Your Mitochondria, Brain, Adrenals

NSAIDS Injure Gut Lining and Mitochondria

5. Autoimmune and Other Disorders

It was recently announced that the average lifespan in America has declined despite major advances in medicine and medical technology. Clearly, there is something else going on. Here are some recent articles that discuss various health concerns that are on the rise.

Kidney Stones: The Root Cause

Multiple Sclerosis and Recent Findings with the Epstein Barr Virus

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Neuroinflammation: Peeling the Onion

Epstein Barr Virus and Fibromyalgia

Elevated Leptin, Autoimmune Disorders, and Chronic Inflammation

Rosacea – Linked with Gut, Nerve and Immune System Dysfunction 

Gluten Intolerance: What Does it Look Like?

Losing Your Hair? Nutritional Status Matters

Injury Recovery and Soft Tissue Support

Carpal Tunnel Solutions - Protect Your Nerves and Brain

Dry, Flaky Skin? Nourish from Within

5. Brain Health and Sleep

The brain continues to be a beautiful mystery by itself, but we know that gut health plays an enormous role in its function. Support of healthy gut function, restoration of sleep and glymphatics (the brain’s nightly clean-up process) is fundamental to brain health. If you don’t sleep well, nothing else will work or feel well.

Memory Neurotransmitter & Gut Health Linked

Serotonin Linked with Mood, Sleep, Gut Health, Thyroid and More

Get Back in Sync and Sleep Better in 7 DaysGlymphatics: Keeping the Brain’s Waste Removal System Healthy

6. Nutrient Highlights

Diet and nutritional status have been part of human need and physiology since the dawn of humanity. We need a wide variety of nutrients from a healthy diet on a daily basis. Due to the agricultural industry, toxins, stress demands, dietary choices, changes in gut heath from high amounts gluten exposure, prenatal and childhood stressors that hardwire stress responses, medications, vaccinations, pesticides/herbicides, and methylation and other genetic difficulties, our nutritional need has increased from just mere decades ago.

The Standard American Diet is fraught with too many calories and not enough nutrient dense foods to meet these various demands. Science continues to discover and unravel the mystery behind nutrients and their function. Use this knowledge to help empower you to make healthier choices.

Magnesium: A Notable Mineral Essential for Life

Omega-3 DHA and Phosphatidylserine: Two Are Better Than One

NAC: Versatile Antioxidant, Immune, Sinus, and Detox Support

Rhodiola Helps Stress, Adrenals, Stamina

Collagen Peptides Support Joints, Skin, and Muscle Structure and Function

Healthy physiology depends on how our body uses nutrition, movement, rest and good care and the amount of toxins and inflammation we manage or fail to manage. What we “wash over our genes” with our diet, lifestyle, stress, and toxins, determines up to 90 percent of genetic expression and disease manifestation.

Whether you are a young adult in family planning stages, a parent taking care of children, or an adult of any age, you must implement a good diet, exercise, sleep, support detoxification and stress reduction, and seek emotional and spiritual care for balance. Even the best diets, lack all the necessary nutrients to meet today’s demands, making it essential to utilize appropriate nutritional supplementation.

It takes an average of 17 years from the time new research is presented before it becomes common practice in health care. At the same time, information doubles at least every 12 months, which makes it difficult for old techniques and protocols to change in mainstream medicine.

At Wellness Resources, we strive to provide you with health information and resources that are practical, comprehensive, up-to-date, and able to be implemented today. Health is such a blessing. We often don’t fully realize what a gift we have until we lose it. As we launch into a new year, I hope you continue to learn from this wide variety information and apply it to your health.

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