The Immune Boosting Powers of Lactoferrin

November 12, 2018 | Wellness Resources

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 The Immune Boosting Powers of Lactoferrin
Lactoferrin is one of the most powerful immune support nutrients known. As a natural component of breast milk, lactoferrin plays a key role in our natural defense system from birth. This has enabled the survival of the human race beginning in infancy when our adaptive immunity (learned immunity) is still immature.

Bovine lactoferrin from cow’s milk is quite similar to human lactoferrin in breast milk. Lactoferrin is present in bovine colostrum and high quality whey protein. Lactoferrin is one of the most researched immune-support nutrients, with hundreds of studies demonstrating its natural immune and digestive support properties. Lactoferrin plays a vital role in innate immunity, the first-line of defense against potential threats to the body, without any inappropriate immune system excess. This is far different than modern medicine which seeks to kill invaders with toxins and can’t differentiate between good or bad invaders.

The human body makes lactoferrin throughout the lifespan and it is found in virtually all body fluids of healthy people. It is synthesized by mucosal endothelial cells, i.e., surface areas of your body most likely to come into contact with potential invaders (sinuses, digestion, lungs, mouth, etc.). If an immune challenge takes place then immune cells called neutrophils release large amounts of lactoferrin to help combat the invader and control the inflammation that is a necessary part of an effective immune response.

Research into lactoferrin details exactly how it intelligently supports immunity. Lactoferrin is classified as an iron-binding glycoprotein that binds with iron in the body. This plays a direct role in at least part of how lactoferrin helps defend us on the front-lines of immunity. Perhaps more importantly, the iron-lactoferrin combination naturally offers protection against biofilm formation of unfriendly bacteria in the gut. 

Proper levels of lactoferrin in humans will be reflected by a good energy level and a lack of ongoing or recurring symptoms on any mucosal surface (sinuses, digestion, lungs, mouth, etc.). Lactoferrin works together with other vitamins and antioxidants as a vital part of healthy immunity. Now is the prime time to optimize your immunity!

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