The Best Form of Vitamin E for Health

By Wellness Resources

February 11, 2019

The Best Form of Vitamin E for Health
There are so many reasons to consider a vitamin E supplement. Vitamin E is particularly necessary for supporting the health of the cardiovascular system, as well as skin, hair, nerves, eyes, bones, immunity, more. The current recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is 15 mg/day of α-tocopherol. It is estimated that more than 90% of American adults do not meet the estimated average requirement (EAR) of 12 mg/day of α-tocopherol.

What Are Tocotrienols?

There are four different types of vitamin E. The vitamin E family consists of four tocotrienols and four tocopherols (alpha, beta, delta, gamma). D-alpha tocopherol, the commonly known form of vitamin E, has been extensively researched and has value to human health. However, when it comes to your health, one form of vitamin E is superior to the other. The tocotrienol form of vitamin E offers more health benefits and is considered the gold standard in vitamin E supplementation.

In the 1980’s it was discovered that the tocotrienol forms of vitamin E possess unique biological activity that d-alpha tocopherol does not. The difference between tocotrienols and tocopherols is the “tail” on the vitamin E molecule. Tocopherols have a long saturated tail. Tocotrienols have a short unsaturated tail. The unique short and flexible tail of tocotrienols enables them to move about freely and function metabolically in ways that tocopherols cannot.

This includes easier access to cells, better antioxidant function in cells, a better ability to move around in cells, and the activation of a wide variety of gene signals including cholesterol regulation. For example, gamma tocotrienol can go inside any cell in the human body, attach to the inside of the cell membrane, and directly regulate gene function. If a cell needs to be rejuvenated or preserved then tocotrienols help facilitate that process. If a cell needs to be killed because it is too worn out to function properly, then tocotrienols influence that process. The tocopherol forms of vitamin E cannot do this.

The Broad Scope of Tocotrienol Benefits

Since tocotrienols are fat-soluble, it is not surprising to find that they like to accumulate and exert health benefits in fat soluble tissues around the body like the eyes, brain, nerves, cell membranes and skin. Vitamin E supplementation has been extensively studied relating to reproductive, neurological, cardiovascular, and immune system health benefits.

Gamma tocotrienol communicates with the primary enzyme involved with cholesteol metabolism called HMG CoA reductase. In normal cholesterol metabolism, the production of cholesterol is self-regulating. This is like picking up a phone and placing a call. In the call, the manager (HMG CoA) calls the cholesterol manufacturers to tell them enough cholesterol has been made.

The special tail of gamma tocotrienol is one of the compounds that helps HMG CoA reductase place the call to the cholesterol manufacturing team. Through this process, tocotrienol vitamin E naturally assists modulation of cholesterol production. Because of its important role, tocotrienols are an excellent nutrient to support healthy cholesterol metabolism.

Superior Vitamin E Supplement

Wellness Resources was one of the first companies to offer tocotrienols in supplemental form. Today Daily Super E is still the gold standard of tocotrienol products on the market. It is sourced from rice and perfectly balanced in gamma and alpha tocotrienols. Most vitamin E supplements are sourced from GMO soy and contain only gamma tocotrienol if they contain any tocotrienols at all!

More Health Benefits of Vitamin E

The past twenty years of research looking into the health benefits of tocotrienol vitamin E has proven it is worth increasing your intake of vitamin E. For more helpful information regarding the extensive health benefits of tocotrienol vitamin E, see these resources:

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