The Antibiotic Bubble is Bursting

November 18, 2010 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 The Antibiotic Bubble is Bursting
Times must be changing. The Journal of the American Medical Association1 publishes an article this week that forwards the idea that doing nothing if your child has an ear infection is less risky that treating it with an antibiotic. The lead author makes what only a decade ago would have been a blasphemous statement, “Our findings reinforce the existing knowledge that the best antibiotic treatment for common childhood ear infections may be no antibiotic treatment at all,” said Dr. Tumaini R. Coker, a pediatrician at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.

I recently reported that the gene function within the digestive tract can be seriously altered from even one “successful” course of antibiotics – making them a drug of last resort. For decades it has been obvious that the medical community has created a national epidemic of Candida albicans and seriously harmed the health of millions of Americans – many for a large portion of their lives.

80 of 100 children simply get better in three days on their own. If antibiotics are given that number is raised to 92, however, up to 20 are now made sick from the acute side effects of the antibiotics – which doesn’t even take into account the long-term health devastation from repeated antibiotics use.

While the medical profession thinks the only option to toxic antibiotics is do nothing, that logic is a further testament to their lack of competence. Nutrition excels at supporting the immune response, in young and old. By all means see your doctor when needed, but there is almost always a window of opportunity when common sense use of nutrition can save you days of down time.

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