Synaptic Plasticity - The Key to Your Brain's Future

By Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

August 31, 2012

Synaptic Plasticity - The Key to Your Brain's Future
How does your brain bounce back from intense stress? When will your subconscious brain start believing you should actually be that weight you desire? And why is it you just can't seem to break that bad habit? The answers may lie in how flexible or "plastic" your brain structures are.

A new study shows that synaptic plasticity1 is a key feature of nerve architecture that enables your brain to tolerate stress, recover from trauma, and make changes.

Synaptic plasticity is based on having well-nourished and properly energized brain cells, compared to inflamed brain cells that have become damaged and "stuck in their ways."

The health of your nerve cell membranes is vital to their plasticity. Higher amounts of essential fatty acids are vital to the healthy structure of nerve cells. Many other nutrients either protect nerve cells from stress or directly boost the rejuvenation energy of brain-related rejuvenation compounds like BDNF.

Regular aerobic exercise also stimulates brain plasticity.

Use enough nutritional support and have a lifestyle and stress management plan that keeps your head above the fray. You'll be able to tell because you'll have a distinct feeling of being in charge, your head will be mostly clear and feel good, and you'll lack feelings of wear and tear, mental fatigue, or weak motivational drive.

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