Sail Through Menopause with These Key Nutrients

March 4, 2019 | Wellness Resources

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 Sail Through Menopause with These Key Nutrients
Imagine abundant energy, uninterrupted sleep, and smooth moods! Feeling your best during the menopause transition period is possible when you fortify yourself with the right nutrients. After all, menopause isn’t a disease!

In general, menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, and trouble sleeping are more problematic if you are under higher stress or worn down when entering menopause. The question is, how well is your body adapting to the hormone changes? Natural approaches center on supporting adrenal function, balancing brain signaling, and ensuring calcium is adequate.

Discover the top supplements we recommend to help care for the unique nutritional needs of women navigating the transition into menopause and beyond.

1. Female Plus
Female Plus is our most popular nutrient support to help naturally balance female hormones.* It helps to naturally smooth out hormonal rhythms and is supportive during menopause. Female Plus is unique amongst all female supplements on the market. It is designed to naturally support function of the hypothalamus gland and support adrenal energy production, the main systems that female hormone production relies on day-to-day. Female Plus may be used by menstruating women of any age, but many women find it is especially helpful following menopause.*

2. Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin
The female hormone system requires tremendous energy. Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin is a complete multivitamin especially great for supporting women’s health needs. It contains superior quality coenzyme forms of B vitamins that your body can readily use for energy production and stress tolerance. Folate and vitamin B6 are two B vitamins that women need to support healthy sex hormone production day-to-day. Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin includes the pre-methylated form of folate and natural, bioavailable forms of vitamins for optimum absorption. This supports better energy, stress tolerance, and mood!*

3. Thyroid Helper
The rate at which female hormones are made is governed by thyroid hormone. Supporting the thyroid gland should be of top importance for women during menopause. If you are exercising and eating well, perhaps the same as you were before menopause, but now are finding it’s harder to keep weight off, it may be due to sluggish thyroid function. Thyroid Helper contains key nutrients that naturally support healthy thyroid hormone production and the activation of thyroid hormone. This helps energy, motivation, metabolism, mood and weight management.*

4. Daily Bone Xcel
The drop in estrogen that occurs during menopause causes an increased demand for bone support. Daily Bone Xcel is a complete multimineral supplement with highly absorbable calcium, magnesium and cofactor nutrients for strong bones. Quality of calcium supplements is very important for absorption, so be sure to read labels and only take high quality calcium! We never compress minerals into tablets as this makes them difficult to absorb. Also, we only use high quality minerals like MCHC and coral calcium, never cheap calcium carbonate, bone meal, or dolomite, which are difficult for the body to use. Adult women need to consume 1,000mg – 1,500mg of calcium each day. Are you getting enough?

5. Stress Helper
Third world countries that don't experience the Western lifestyle and modern stress are reported to not have the vocabulary to describe the symptoms of menopause, because there are no symptoms. Severity of menopause symptoms varies considerably. Stress is one of the biggest factors than can cause a big difference in menopause symptoms from person to person. The adrenal glands provide small amounts of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone on a daily basis throughout life. During reproductive years, the ovaries provide higher amounts of estrogen and progesterone. Once the ovaries stop producing sex hormones later in life, the stamina of the adrenal glands is revealed. Stress Helper contains a synergistic combination of nutrients that support stress tolerance and adrenal gland function naturally. These nutrients help nerve cells tolerate stress more efficiently and help the body make more energy, thus promoting a more positive mood, less fatigue, and better hormonal balance.*

6. Skin Rejuvenator
Estrogen naturally supports skin moisture and collagen production. Women who are entering menopause and post-menopause can use nutrition to naturally support collagen and moisture in skin. Bones are also rich in a hardened form of collagen so supporting healthy collagen production should be of utmost importance to women entering menopausal age. Skin Rejuvenator contains collagen and ceramides for healthy skin, elasticity, and skin moisture.* It also includes important nutrients to help protect and revitalize skin. We can’t avoid aging altogether, but there are things we can do to age as gracefully as possible!

Surviving the natural transition into menopause does not have to be a struggle. Menopause is a natural process after all! Proper fortification with the right nutrients is essential for feeling your best during this transition. Sail your way through menopause smoothly by giving your body the right nutrients!

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