Progesterone Helps Promote Fullterm Birth

June 5, 2010 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Progesterone Helps Promote Fullterm Birth
A new study shows that natural progesterone1 improved the rate of full term births.

The study used 100 mg of natural micronized progesterone in a daily vaginal suppository from week 24 to week 36. This study supports another recent study that explained how progesterone is able to support healthy pregnancy: by directly helping the fetal membrane tolerate inflammation and maintain its structural integrity.

Many women run low on progesterone due to stress, as the progesterone is shunted into making stress hormones.

Another recent study indicates that progesterone can help protect your brain. And of course, progesterone is a bone building hormone2 that is important for any woman concerned about bone health.

I was one of the pioneers in the use of micronized natural progesterone to help women with their female health. I have seen it work splendidly in many difficult pregnancy situations.  It is nice to see studies that help support the obvious need of this important hormone.

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