PEA Effective for Exercise Recovery and Athletes

By Dr. Linda J. Dobberstein, DC, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

May 5, 2023

PEA Effective for Exercise Recovery and Athletes
After a day of higher activity or exercise, are your muscles achy and fatigued? If you want to maximize performance and improve your muscle and joint recovery, take note!

A recent clinical trial with healthy, young adult males evaluated the effect of PEA on their athletic performance and recovery. Participants were given 167.5 mg of Levagen®+ PEA once per day or a placebo.

Lactic acid, myoglobin, and TNF-a levels were measured immediately pre- and post-exercise and repeated multiple times over the 72 hours post activity in both groups. Results demonstrated that PEA supplementation aided muscle recovery as lactic acid and myoglobin levels were reduced compared to the placebo group.

Research also found that PEA increases protein kinase B phosphorylation. This pathway promotes building of muscles and tissue repair. PEA may be considered a significant nutritional resource for athletes to enhance performance and recovery because of the muscle repair benefits.

The new Wellness Resources PEA Ultra contains 300 mg Levagen®+ PEA per capsule. Add to your daily nutritional program for sleep, nerve health, and exercise recovery!

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