Obesity and Inactivity Drive Fibromyalgia Risk

May 6, 2010 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Obesity and Inactivity Drive Fibromyalgia Risk
A new Norwegian study1 tracking individuals and their health habits and health problems for many years has determined that inactivity and weight gain are major risk factors for developing future fibromyalgia.

The researchers found that women of any weight who exercise less than four times per week had a 29% lower risk of fibromyalgia compared with inactive women. Overweight or obese women had a 60% - 70% higher risk. And when you combine the two, obesity and inactivity (less than 1 hour of exercise per week) the risk jumps to 200%.

While it is typically the case that a trauma (accident, injury, loss, illness, dramatic stress, etc.) is the trigger point for developing full blown fibromyalgia, this study shows that those who aren’t using their muscles much and have a higher baseline level of inflammation due to obesity are significantly more unlikely to be able to recover from some form of trauma and are therefore more likely to sink into fibromyalgia.

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