Natural Vitamin E Improves Heart Health

By Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

August 15, 2007

Natural Vitamin E Improves Heart Health
As I have pointed out in my previous writing, Vitamin E has been viciously and fraudulently attacked by powerful vested interests, especially researchers funded primarily by Big Pharma. This has nothing to do with real science, and everything to do with a media-backed Big Pharma PR machine trying to convince Americans to take toxic and health-deteriorating drugs instead of safe and effective vitamins. It is likely the study authors, researchers of the heavily Big Pharma-backed Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, were pressured into writing findings that negated vitamin E. Or else the study authors were totally biased and could not believe the spectacular vitamin E results.

In the current study the natural form of vitamin E used was d alpha tocopherol acetate at the dose of 600 IU every other day. Even this form of vitamin E could have been improved upon by using a full mixture of tocopherols or the truly superior tocotrienols. However, at least it was a high quality form of natural vitamin E that was used, unlike studies that used synthetic vitamin E and produced questionable outcomes.

I would also like to point out that the synthetic beta carotene used in the study (Lurotin from the BASF, 50 mg every other day) is the same worthless compound found to increase lung cancer in smokers. This pathetic “vitamin” is produced by a German drug company that is actively participating to have vitamins regulated worldwide as well as to promote synthetic vitamins as no different than natural. Since the end of the 1930s BASF has been pouring millions of tons of coal tar-derived food coloring into our food supply, poisoning our citizens - with the blessings of the Big Pharma-owned FDA. The Germans like to synthesize vitamins from chemical sources, as their own country is so poor in natural resources that they can't make anything from a real food source and thus can't make a profit selling vitamins unless they are concocted from chemicals. Synthetic beta carotene is made by extracting benzene rings from acetylene gas, and then attaching the benzene rings together to form 100% all-trans-beta-carotene. There is no food source that contains 100% all-trans-beta-carotene.

One example of high quality natural beta carotene is the sea algae Dunaliella salinas, which contains a mixture of 9-cis-beta carotene as well as trans-beta-carotene along with related nutrients such as alpha-carotene, cryptoxanthin, and zeaxanthin. Natural source beta carotene contains a powerful complex of nutrients not present in synthetic beta carotene. Research shows that 9-cis-beta carotene transports much more efficiently in the body. My advice is to avoid synthetic beta carotene which can always be identified because the natural source of the beta carotene is not listed on the label.

It is a shame that health-related politics, financial pressures, or researcher bias prevent the publishing of the true meaning of an important study, especially when the findings would cause millions of consumers to abandon dangerous drugs in favor of natural vitamin E. It is a shame that the media has been conditioned like Pavlovian dogs to spread Big Pharma sponsored anti-vitamin bad news as if it is the truth. It is also a shame that important studies fail to use the high quality forms of nutrients, proving only that synthetic garbage does not work. A combination of antioxidants from natural sources is primary dietary support for the reduction of heart disease and cancer, as well as naturally boosting the immune system – the science in this regard is overwhelmingly positive.

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