More Science Supporting the Leptin Diet

September 9, 2009 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 More Science Supporting the Leptin Diet
Quoting the new press release1 covering the study, “Eat less, exercise more. Now there is new evidence to support adding another “must” to the weight-loss mantra: eat at the right time of day.” How flattering, I've been saying those exact words since publishing Mastering Leptin in 2002.

The researchers showed that feeding the same exact number of calories to mice, in one group during their normal waking time and to the other during their normal nighttime, resulted in significant weight gain. One of the many rhythms of leptin is a 24-hour circadian rhythm. Messing up this rhythm disturbs every other major hormonal system, creating inefficiency in the metabolism of calories that results in weight gain.

Feeling energized and “in sync” is a subjective feeling associated with more optimal metabolism. Feeling tired and sluggish, with a proneness to power outages especially in the afternoon, is reflective of a circadian rhythm in a rut.

Following the Leptin Diet is essential to creating the opportunity for your body to more efficiently metabolize calories.

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