More Insane Statin Pushing on Children

August 7, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 More Insane Statin Pushing on Children
The American Heart Association (AHA) has gone mad, apparently suffering from overexposure to mercury-amalgam fillings. In their marketing magazine, Circulation, which masquerades as a scientific journal, they have now published research advocating an all out national war on childhood cholesterol – seeking to lower LDL cholesterol1 to 50 mg./dl. Lowering cholesterol to this extremely abnormal level would cause energetic disability, cardiomyopathy, muscle tissue destruction during growth, severe cognitive impairment, early onset dementia, suicide, depression, and elevated rates of cancer. The fact that such absolute garbage could be published anywhere is a crime.

It is no wonder that the AHA is being investigated by Congress for their role in promoting the other major cholesterol drug scam going on right now – the Vytorin scandal2. I certainly hope Congress can follow the stench and track down the financial payments from Vytorin makers to AHA officials, I’m sure there is more than the 2 million per year they have already admitted to. This is beyond disgusting.

In a previous article I already explained how the AHA was paid off to advocate lowering LDL cholesterol to 90 mg./dl – an unacceptably low and abnormal level of LDL that borders on severe malnutrition of energy systems in your body. This current scam has racked up tens of billions in fraudulent statin sales.

In the new study brain-dead researchers suggest “instituting a low-saturated fat, low-cholesterol diet in infancy (7 months) is perfectly safe, without adverse effects.” That is absurd; such a diet will cripple mental function, energy, leptin-antioxidant function in the brain, growth, and immune competence.

They go on to say “Our review of the literature convinces us that more aggressive and earlier intervention will probably prevent considerably more than 30% of coronary heart disease.” No proof of any kind is offered to support this opinion. Certainly these researchers know that the current literature on statins is bogus – with almost all negative studies being blacklisted from publication via the blackmailing and arm-twisting with millions of Big Pharma dollars.

The researchers then go on to misquote a new Japanese study, attributing lower rates of heart disease in Japanese to low cholesterol when the study actually attributed the lower rates of heart disease to fish oil consumption and higher levels of DHA in the blood!

The AHA is a has-been organization, dedicated to the profits of Big Pharma at the expense of human health. With this despicable attack on the health and wellbeing of children we can now call them the American Heartless Association.

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