Magnesium is Vital for Healthy Heart Rhythms

February 21, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Magnesium is Vital for Healthy Heart Rhythms
A person does not typically get a second chance to prevent heart failure. Not only is fish oil very important for this topic, it turns out that magnesium is as well. Researchers1 conducted controlled metabolic study to ensure magnesium deficiency and found that doing so significantly disrupted normal heart rhythm function in otherwise healthy postmenopausal women. The heart rhythm problem was corrected by taking magnesium. Interestingly, the type of magnesium deficiency produced in the study is common due to the poor quality of the general American diet. Indeed, magnesium deficiency is common in America and is easily depleted by stress.

Numerous studies highlight the importance of magnesium in maintaining normal heart electrical function. A problem as simple as the lack of magnesium can set in motion a wide array of inflammatory cardiovascular problems. One study2 recently concluded that the lack of magnesium, when co-existing with other health issues, “may enhance the risk of developing chronic heart failure.”

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