Leptin Problems Linked to Thyroid Cancer

October 15, 2009 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Leptin Problems Linked to Thyroid Cancer
When a person gains weight it is typical that leptin levels rise too high in the blood and do not get into the brain – a problem called leptin resistance that is a key force behind overeating and becoming overweight. For the first time researchers show that excessive leptin in the blood upregulates leptin receptors on thyroid cancer cells1 causing them to become aggressive thyroid cancer.

The researchers found that too much leptin was associated with poor survival odds in female thyroid cancer patients. The same research group has demonstrated in many cell studies that excess leptin acts on thyroid cancer cells by stimulating growth and preventing death.

Leptin is vital to your survival. You need the right amount at the right time for your body to work correctly. Numerous studies link leptin problems and obesity to cancer, especially breast and prostate. It looks like we can now add thyroid cancer to this list.
It is highly recommended that everyone follow The Leptin Diet so as to minimize the risk for the early onset of any of the typical diseases of aging.

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