Leptin Problems Cause Psoriasis

April 11, 2013 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Leptin Problems Cause Psoriasis
How leptin works in your body has a profound influence on many aspects of your health. Individuals with psoriasis1 have leptin resistance (higher than normal levels of leptin in their blood), regardless of their body weight. This means that the excess leptin is an independent variable that drives this autoimmune condition of the skin.

In addition to regulating body weight and being the most important risk factor for cardiovascular disease, leptin is a key to how your immune system functions. Leptin problems are involved with many autoimmune diseases, not in a secondary way, but as the main cause or significant contributing factor.

Typical treatments for autoimmune problems “poison” the person's immune system so it doesn't react so much. Sometimes these approaches are needed short term to “put out the fire.” However, medicine's failure to address the underlying reasons for autoimmune problems, especially correcting leptin imbalance, is why many people never improve and are stuck on bone destructive, and health deteriorating drugs for many years.

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