Insane Doctors Recommend Statins for Children

July 9, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Insane Doctors Recommend Statins for Children
The American Academy of Pediatrics has now lost all credibility – actively promoting the use of statin drugs for children1 as low as 8 years of age. This is beyond disgusting, it is a crime. The inept FDA is nowhere to be found as drug pushing of inappropriate medication is rapidly becoming as large a public health problem as street drugs.

Having good cholesterol numbers because you are healthy is not remotely the same as having good cholesterol numbers because you are being drugged. The idea that this scam will be pushed on children – wasting tens of billions of taxpayer dollars per year, is simply beyond comprehension.

Statins are fatigue-producing drugs that activate genes that damage your muscles – including your heart. Giving these dangerous drugs to children while they are in the process of growing is inhumane and must be stopped immediately. The medical profession, on the subject of preventive health, is an utter failure. The fact doctors have no clue how to make children healthy is a testament to their ineptitude.

Only use doctors for acute problems needing emergency assistance. Never use them for anything else – they are nothing more than part of the Big Pharma drug cartel. Get your preventive advice and assistance someplace else.

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