Improve Mood, Focus, and Memory with Phosphatidylserine

By Wellness Resources

August 6, 2017

Improve Mood, Focus, and Memory with Phosphatidylserine
Phosphatidylserine (PS) is the single most important nutrient for healthy, functional brain cells. Though not many people have heard of phosphatidylserine, every single cell in your body contains it. Your brain cells especially rely on PS to function properly. Research shows that supplemental phosphatidylserine can help improve memory, learning, concentration, stress, and mood.

Improve Memory and Cognitive Function

Phosphatidylserine is a unique fat called a phospholipid that is found in high concentration in brain cells. Phosphatidylserine combines with fatty acids like the omega-3 oil DHA to form cell membranes. The electrical potential of any brain cell is based on the type of phospholipids and fatty acids that compose the cell membrane. Phosphatidylserine helps nutrients enter brain cells, keeps toxins out, and enhances communication between brain cells (neurotransmitter flow).

Memory, cognition and concentration deteriorates by about 50% over the course of the average person's lifetime. This corresponds with a loss of healthy, functional brain cells. Alcohol, cigarette smoking, drugs, excessive prescription medications, heavy metals (mercury, lead), environmental chemicals, poor diet, and excessive excitotoxins (MSG, aspartame), stress, and poor sleep can all speed up the process.

Supplemental phosphatidylserine can help brain cells work more youthfully and support mental focus, short-term memory, mood, and learning.*

Offset Stress

Bodybuilders and athletes have long used phosphatidylserine as it has been shown to offset the stress of intense exercise. Cortisol, a hormone released by the adrenal glands when under stress, has a profound effect on how your body is able to manage stress and energy output. Phosphatidylserine helps to modulate cortisol production and keep it in good working order by nourishing the pathway (HPA-axis) that talks to your adrenal glands. If this system is not working well, then your brain will begin to succumb to the wear-and-tear of stress. This often results in cognitive decline, poor mood, fatigue, feeling stressed out, and weight gain.

In a study published in the Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition, researchers concluded that supplemental phosphatidylserine helped to improve recovery time and reduce muscle soreness in endurance athletes. The effect corresponded with reduced cortisol levels. This concept applies to anyone under higher stress.

Support Mood

Phosphatidylserine has been shown to improve mood in women and in patients with the winter blues. Phosphatidylserine works in tandem with DHA to keep brain cells healthy. Phosphatidylserine and DHA are needed by cell membranes for healthy function. By helping to support cortisol function, manage stress, and support neurotransmitter flow, supplemental phosphatidylserine is a very helpful nutrient for a healthy mood.

Phosphatidylserine is found in every cell of your body, but in high amounts in the cell membranes of the brain. It is a key nutrient for healthy cells. While we make some phosphatidylserine in the body and get some from the food supply, supplementing with high quality phosphatidylserine can help support healthy brain cells, memory, learning, and mood.*

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