Friendly Flora Protect Against Type I Diabetes

September 23, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Friendly Flora Protect Against Type I Diabetes
Individuals who suffer from Type I Diabetes are often left wondering how they developed the problem in the first place, as are the parents of many children who come down with this serious health problem. A new study shows that a lack of friendly flora1 in the digestive tract can set the stage for developing incorrect immune system training that in turn causes the immune system to attack the pancreas, leading to Type I Diabetes. This problem can be prevented by having adequate friendly flora in your digestive tract.

The research points out several interesting points:
1) That a lack of exposure to germs results in feeble immune system training, resulting in an immune system more likely to hyper-react against the wrong target.
2) That friendly flora in your gut help ensure proper immune system training and in so doing help prevent Type I Diabetes.

The implications of this research point the finger at the overuse of antibiotics, chemicals in the diet, and junk food/high sugar intake as being the obvious reasons why good flora are depleted. Cleaning up your diet or your child's diet is a very good idea.

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