Flu Vaccine Fails to Protect Children

October 14, 2008 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Flu Vaccine Fails to Protect Children
The flu vaccine1 in the past two years was not effective in reducing hospitalizations or doctor's visits in children under 5. In a normal world this would cause parents not to expose their young children to the risks of vaccination when the benefits are non-existent.

Since we do not live in a normal world, let me remind parents that any vaccination contains something called an adjuvant, a neurotoxic stimulant that is designed to boost the immune-activating properties of the vaccine. Exposing young children to so many of these nerve toxins at such a young age increases the risk for adverse effects on their developing nervous system. Those children at the greatest risk are those with other existing inflammatory problems – thus never have a child take a vaccine when they are recovering from anything (which is often why they are at the doctor who then suggests vaccines). Even a perfectly healthy child can be permanently injured by adjuvants in vaccines.

Our government has taken the position that the value of vaccines must be defended at all costs, even when that cost is the health of your child. The fact is our government knows that the injury rate is close to 1 in 100. What unelected bureaucrat on the public health payroll do you trust with the health of your child? And remember, MDiety syndrome is a disease carried by doctors that you do not want to catch (no vaccine exists for it).

Of course, good hygiene, good diet (cutting out sugar in particular and eating plenty of vegetables), and common sense (reducing exposure) help keep your children well.

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