Excessive Sweating Is a Sign You Need More Antioxidants

By Wellness Resources

July 2, 2018

Excessive Sweating Is a Sign You Need More Antioxidants
Are you always hot or sweating? Do you have poor heat tolerance or sweat excessively with exercise? These could be signs of a metabolic struggle that results from depleted antioxidant reserves in the body. If you aren't getting the recommended ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day, you may need to boost up your daily intake of antioxidants. Here’s why:

The process of using calories to make energy is called metabolism. Cells use oxygen to ignite or “burn” calories and produce energy in the form of ATP. As a by-product of this normal metabolic process, free radicals are always produced. A balance between free radicals and antioxidants is necessary for proper body function.

Normal metabolism produces 65 percent energy and 35 percent heat. Being overweight throws a wrench into metabolism. In this case, the body tries to dispose of extra fat by dumping calories as 100% heat. Getting overheated easily or sweating a lot is a sign your body is converting calories into more heat than it should. It is a warning sign that your metabolism is running inefficiently from not having enough antioxidant stores.

Overweight People Need More Antioxidants

A research study done with adolescents found that those who were overweight had more free radical stress after exercise due to inefficient utilization of oxygen than the normal weight control group. This shows that being overweight is actually a type of metabolic stress that causes the body to use up more antioxidants.

When overweight people exercise, they may find themselves making too much heat, excessively sweating, and getting a poor response to exercise if they don’t have enough antioxidant stores. This indicates that exercise in the presence of a lack of antioxidants is like a rusty old engine trying to run without oil.

How to Get More Antioxidants

Fruits and vegetables contain a wide variety of health-protecting antioxidants that support immunity, protect the body, and neutralize free radicals. We need a wide variety of antioxidants to work together and form a powerful health support network.

Supplemental fruit and vegetable extracts are a good way to boost antioxidant stores. Some of the most powerful antioxidants are coenzyme Q10 ubiquinol, resveratrol, curcumin, grape seed extract (OPC’s), green tea extract (EGCG), vitamin C, quercetin, vitamin E (tocotrienols), astaxanthin, beta carotene, lutein, and PQQ. The master antioxidant is known as glutathione. N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) is needed to make glutathione. Many different antioxidants work together with glutathione to keep body functions running smoothly like a well-oiled engine.

If you’re not getting the recommended ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day or choosing a whole rainbow of colors, supplement with a wide variety of essential antioxidants to support heat tolerance, metabolism, and your overall health.

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