Excess Carbohydrate Cravings Indicate Bone Loss

January 4, 2010 | Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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 Excess Carbohydrate Cravings Indicate Bone Loss
A new study sheds new light on a primary mechanism behind bone loss. Neuropeptide Y1 (NPY) is a normal appetite signal from your brain. It is especially linked to the desire for carbohydrates. However, too much desire such as the proverbial sweet tooth may directly induce bone loss.

This is a problem of left-over survival programming. During times of famine there is always bone loss accompanied by a higher appetite. When you eat more then your appetite is supposed to decline and bone health is often better.

Enter the problem known as leptin resistance. Your brain thinks it isn't getting enough food even though you've had plenty. The problem builds on itself and you crave and eat food even when you aren't hungry. Or, it seems you are hungry all the time or far too often. This signifies elevated NPY.

The new research shows that too much NPY saturates the NPY receptors on osteoblasts (your natural bone builders) and turns them off, leading to bone loss. This is a rather novel finding with widespread implications for any person concerned about their bone health. The take home message is get your appetite under control with the Leptin Diet and, as needed, supplements that help regulate your appetite.

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